Bonaire Fault Code 1 flash / 10 seconds

Error Code 1 flash / 10 seconds: Condensate detected for 1 Hr

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    Bonaire Fault Code 1 flash / 10 seconds

    Error/Fault is: Condensate detected for 1 Hr

    Bonaire Units

    Error codes can appear on the Tubular 5 Star Gas Central Heating Units.

    The main control board displays a coded message if an operation fault occurs. If there is no
    LED present, ensure there is a 240 – volt power supply to the unit and also check that the
    fuse is not blown on the main control board.

    For normal operation the green LED will be on constantly. When a fault is indicated the LED
    will flash a series of flashes pause for two seconds then flash the same number of flashes

    NOTE: The GREEN LED flashing sequence relates to fault description. Once a fault has been detected,
    the red LED will continue to flash for 5 minutes while the appliance runs and then will auto reset.

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