Braemar Error Code B5

Fault Code B5: Indoor unit liquid valve temperature sensor open/short circuited.

Braemar Fault Code B5

Fault: Indoor unit liquid valve temperature sensor open/short circuited.

Quick Maintenance Tips

Air Filter

It is important to check and clean the air filter as per the Maintenance Schedule below. A dirty air filter will not allow the correct amount of clean air to pass through your air conditioner, resulting in poor performance and increased running costs. You should
ask the installer to show you where the air filter is located. To clean the air filter, it should be removed and then cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. If it is very dirty, wash it with soapy water and then wipe off. Make sure it is completely dry before refitting it. You should never operate the air conditioner without the air filter in place.

Indoor & Outdoor Coil

It is advisable to have the fan, drain, pump and duct connections checked on an annual basis (as set out in the Maintenance Schedule). Drains can become blocked by all types of insects, and rats have been known to chew through the drain to get to the water in the pipe.


The refrigerant is the life blood of your air conditioning unit. Not only does the correct refrigerant charge provide you with reliable and economical cooling, it also provides the cooling for the compressor. A lack of refrigerant, due to a leak, will cause the compressor to overheat and expire prematurely. You will notice a decline in cooling effect and an increase in power consumption. Therefore, having a qualified, licensed technician service your air conditioner will save you money in the long term.


Operation Tips

The following events may occur during normal operation:

1. Protection of the air conditioner.

  • The compressor cannot restart for 3 minutes after it stops.
  • The supply air drops below a pre-determined set point; this prevents the indoor coil from freezing.

2. A white mist coming out from the Indoor unit.

  • A white mist may generate due to a large temperature difference between air inlet and air outlet on COOL mode in an indoor environment that has a high relative humidity.

3. Low noise of the air conditioner.

  • You may hear a low hissing sound when the compressor is running or has just stopped running.
  • This sound is the sound of the refrigerant flowing or coming to a stop. You can also hear a low “squeak” sound when the compressor is running or has just stopped running.

This is caused by heat expansion and cold contraction of the plastic parts in the Unit when the temperature is changing.

4. Dust is blown out from the Indoor unit.

This is a normal condition when the air conditioner has not been used for a long time or during first use of the Unit.

5. A peculiar smell comes out from the Indoor unit.

This is caused by the Indoor unit giving off smells permeated from building material, from furniture, smoke (for example if someone is cooking food), or from the duct work.

6. FAN operation during COOL mode.

When indoor air temperature reaches the setting on the wired wall control, the compressor will stop operating and after approximately 60 seconds the indoor fan will stop blowing air. When the room temperature rises back to the set point, the indoor fan and the compressor will start again.


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