Breezair Error Code 02

Fault Code 02: 2 Red Flashes = Failure to detect water at probes within 8 minutes.

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    Breezair Fault Code 02

    Fault: 2 Red Flashes = Failure to detect water at probes within 8 minutes.

    Technical Use Only:

    • Ensure water pressure is sufficient to fill and maintain the tank
      to specified level within 8 minutes.
    • In areas of hard or polluted water, blockage of the strainer/
      filter in the water inlet solenoid valve may restrict water flow.
    • Water level set too low. For Breezair coolers the water level
      should be set to 5mm / 3/16″ below the float valve base.
    • Ensure probe plug is properly connected.
    • Plug connections at electronic module upside down or
    • Water too pure for the probes to sense water is present.
    • Pressure build up in pipes can lock up the solenoid valve
      when a non-return isolation valve is used in the water supply
      line. It is recommended to use a ball valve, i.e. NOT a non-
      return type of shut off valve.
    • Check drain valve is closing and not cycling due to debris
      being caught under drain valve washer.

    For Breezair Extraordinaire, Breezair Icon, Breezair Supercool, Breezair TBQ and older models.

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