Brivis Error Code 53

Error Code h01 53: Overheat Lockout

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    Brivis Fault Code 53

    Brivis Error Code 53 Overheat Lockout: The number of overheat cool down procedures that have occurred in the cool down activation check time interval has exceeded the maximum allowed.

    For Heater Repair Tech Only

    Reason: This error indicates the unit has had 2 consecutive over temperature conditions, within 15 minutes, after the wall controller is turned OFF and cool down has been completed. Refer to Check Lists for: • Error Code 40: OHEAT_R-A • Error Code 41: OHEAT_S-A • Error Code 42: OHEAT_THM Service Check List: • Check if the unit has been operating on a hot day following a power up. • Check if the unit is ceiling mounted with a high level return air grille. • Check that the fan speed is sufficient for the system so that over heating will not result. • Check the fan motor is functioning correctly, and is not blocked or obstructed. • Check the unit is not operating in FAN_LIMP mode. • Check the gas valve is not jammed open and passing gas when not energised. • Check the return air intake is not subjected to high temperature from an external source (i.e. not typical domestic system). • Check the wire loom and plug connections to the switch are not open circuit, i.e. wire fallen off switch. • Check that the supply air thermistor is not incorrectly fitted in the return air duct.

    Over Temperature with Networker OFF. If an over temperature condition is detected within the Timed Safe Guard Period with the Networker turned OFF, then the fan will start. The LCD for the over temperature switch will display the appropriate switch, until the fan cools the over temperature condition. The LCD will again display “OHCooLDwn” while the fan continues a 60 second fan OFF cycle. If a SECOND subsequent over temperature condition with the Networker OFF is detected, within the Time Safe Guard Period, the controller will again follow the same sequence for an over temperature condition. However, it will go into an Over Heat lockout mode that will require a reset (Reset at the Networker or SET button at the N-G2 module) to restore the unit to normal operation. If an over temperature condition occurs while the unit is in an over heat lockout mode, then the fan will be brought ON for the duration of the over temperature condition, followed by a 60 second fan OFF cycle period.

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