Breezair Error Code 07

Fault Code 07: 7 Red Flashes = Incorrect supply frequency(Hz).

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    Breezair Fault Code 07

    Fault: 7 Red Flashes = Incorrect supply frequency(Hz).

    Technical Use Only:

    • This fault will only be seen when the mains power supply
      frequency deviates from normal frequency by more than 8%.
      Mains power supply frequency should be 50 or 60Hz. See
      nameplate for exact data for this air cooler. Petrol/gasoline
      generators are the most likely cause of this type of fault. This
      typically will not occur on mains power supplies.

    For Breezair Extraordinaire, Breezair Icon, Breezair Supercool, Breezair TBQ and older models.

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