Braemar Error Code 23

Fault Code 23: Room fan not running.

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    Braemar Fault Code 23

    Fault: Room fan not running.

    Potential Cause (Technical Use Only: Potential remedy):

    • Voltage supplied to room fan but fan not running – faulty room fan motor, or room fan wheel jammed.  Check room fan wheel is not jammed – correct or replace room fan assembly as appropriate.  Replace faulty room fan motor if required. 
    • No voltage supplied to room fan from ICS – ICS faulty.  Check voltage supplied at room fan terminals on ICS – compare with room fan voltage table in this manual. 
    • Room fan capacitor failed.  Check and replace room fan capacitor. 
    • Room fan wiring disconnected from ICS terminals.  Reconnect wiring in accordance with wiring diagram. 
    • Room fan capacitor disconnected at capacitor or at ICS capacitor terminals.  Reconnect room fan capacitor wiring in accordance with wiring diagram. 
    • Room fan motor speed sensor wiring disconnected at ICS.  Check wiring and reconnect if required. 
    • Room fan motor speed sensor dislodged from end of motor.  Refit motor speed sensor if required. 
    • Faulty room fan motor speed sensor PCB – check speed is > 200 rpm within 1st 10 seconds of room fan starting.  Replace room fan motor speed sensor assembly.

    For Braemar Ecostar TQ, TQM, TQS, TQMD, BMQ Gas Ducted Heaters and Braemar Supernova TQS Gas Ducted Heaters.

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