Braemar Error Code 4

Fault Code 4: Thermistor > 70o C during run

Braemar Fault Code 04

Fault: Thermistor > 70o C during run

Potential Cause (Technical Use Only: Potential remedy):

  • Low room air flow due to user selection of low fan speed, or automatic selection of low fan speed when heating a small zone. This is  not a fault – it is normal operation.
  • Maximum room fan speed set too low during set‐up. Check maximum room fan speed – increase if required.
  • Thermistor too close to heater outlet. Move to 3m from heater along outlet duct if required.
  • Low room air flow due to poor ducting design or installation. Check: -Sufficient outlets for heater model. -Correct duct diameter. -Long duct runs not small diameter. -Correct return air grille size. -Return air filter clean. -No tight‐radius duct bends. -Ducting not squashed.


For Braemar Ecostar TQ, TQM, TQS, TQMD, BMQ Gas Ducted Heaters and Braemar Supernova TQS Gas Ducted Heaters.

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