Braemar Error Code 3

Fault Code 3: PS low opened during run

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    Braemar Fault Code 03

    Fault: PS low opened during run

    Potential Cause (Technical Use Only: Potential remedy):

    • Swarf obstructing combustion fan pressure tapping. Check both ends of pressure tapping – clear obstruction or replace pressure tapping.
    • Condensate intermittently blocking combustion fan suction hose. Clear blockage. Check flue condensate drain fitted correctly (condensing models only).
    •  Flue partly blocked, making system more susceptible to wind effects. Check and clear blockage, check flue cowl is not pushed on too far.
    • Severe wind on flue terminal, or poor flue terminal location (eg, too close to roof). Check flue terminal location – re‐ locate if necessary.


    For Braemar Ecostar TQ, TQM, TQS, TQMD, BMQ Gas Ducted Heaters and Braemar Supernova TQS Gas Ducted Heaters.

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