Braemar Error Code 30

Fault Code 30: Loom ID Incorrect.

Braemar Fault Code 30

Fault: Loom ID Incorrect.

Potential Cause (Technical Use Only: Potential remedy):

  • Incorrect wiring loom fitted to heater – loom ID link does not match heater ID stored in ICS.  Check heater ID stored in ICS – correct to match heater model if required.  Check loom ID link on 12‐way connector on ICS – it should match loom ID link shown on wiring diagram. Replace with correct wiring loom if required.

For Braemar Ecostar TQ, TQM, TQS, TQMD, BMQ Gas Ducted Heaters and Braemar Supernova TQS Gas Ducted Heaters.

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