Brivis Error Code 49

Error Code h01 49: Flame Lost. During a heating cycle flame has been lost.

Brivis Fault Code 49

Brivis Error Code 49 Flame Lost: During a heating cycle flame has been lost.

For Heater Repair Tech Only

Reason: During normal operation after ignition has been validated, if the flame sensor signal has unexpectedly been lost, the heating cycle is forced into its “OFF” state with a restart initiated and an Error 49 logged. Service Check List: • Check gas supply pressure is not too high or low. • Check the burners and injectors are clean, producing a properly formed flame. • Check the flame sensing rod is clean, and correctly located as specified in section 4.4. • Check for damage or loose connections to the burner flame sensor lead and connector. • Check the minimum burner pressure is not below the minimum allowable level. • Check the gas valve is providing a continuous steady gas flow to the main burner. • Check there is no air disturbance to the burner flames (i.e. fan operation, wind etc.).

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